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Why Saudi and Kuwaiti Men Are Dating Moroccan Women

Why Saudi and Kuwaiti Men Are Dating Moroccan Women

By margotmarrakesh

Moroccan women seem to hold a special charm for many Saudis and Kuwaiti men.

The most commonly heard talk in Morocco is that most of them come to Morocco for hoped-for “sexcapades.”  They are not free to meet girls in their own countries, and the relative openness of Morocco makes it an attractive tourist destination for the Gulf men.  While some marriages do take place, the reality is that many Gulf men are not interested in marrying someone who they “spent time” with before marriage, according to much of the discussion on the topic which can be found HERE.  Here are a few of the comments I found:

“For Kuwaiti men, Moroccan women are the forbidden fruit.”

“Moroccan girls are poor and they live badly back in Morocco.” (So, for some, it’s all about the man’s money and gifts.)

“They are fit and seductive, don’t nag the man, and are cheap to maintain.”

“Beauty, grace, intelligence all of it there. So, why a Moroccan girl? Well, I think the veneer of European joie d’vie along with that innate Arab charm does it.”

“It’s not totally their fault; the Moroccan girls don’t go and look for these guys;  it’s vice versa.  The guys come look for them.   These guys travel all the way to Morocco.  A Moroccan girl won’t take a six-hour flight to date or get to know guys.  I don’t think so.”

Conversely, very few Gulf women are interested in a relationship with a Moroccan man; in fact, most seem to be prejudiced against it.   Gulf women (like Muslim women everywhere) are looking for a serious marriage partner, and they (or their families) are not interested in any but a Gulf man.

“I’m a Moroccan man living in Chicago.  Women from Kuwait and Saudi are racist.  I used to chat on the internet with Saudi women, in English.  But when they found out I am Moroccan, they never wanted to talk to me again.  Arabian women look down on us.  They only want Arabian men.  The only other countries which can accept a Moroccan man are Algeria and Tunisia.”

Unfortunately, the high-profile rich Gulf men often give a bad name to those lower-profile Gulf men who are actually interested in a serious relationship, or even marriage, with a Moroccan woman.

Nouafel thinks,“If you want to marry a Moroccan girl, make sure you have some money a nice car is a bonus too…Moroccan girls like money and most of them will even give you sex for a dinner, or some dirhams!  If you promise her to marry, you will hit Jackpot most likely.  Every summer when I go on vacation, the Moroccan girls try to make eye contact, or they start doing something for attention, not only with me, but with almost all foreigners.  However, I could NEVER marry a woman from Morocco.   You would never know what she did in the past.”

“Do Moroccan girls have some kind of figurative magic by which they attract Khaliji men?  According to Najat, no. They don’t have any magic. They (or some of them) are simply too “free” which is a huge pull for a “non-free” man; a man who grew up in a restrictive society.”

So, why the attraction to Moroccan women?

According to many Saudi and Kuwaiti men, Moroccan women have a magical charm, compared to the women back home.  One Gulf man (3wwad) put it this way,

“Moroccans (Men and Women), really treat us nicely, and it seems very sincere. Even if the aim is financial, they do not treat us like a wallet, rather a person with a wallet. Moroccans are kind, charismatic, and polite from my experience. I found a few bad apples but we all have them.  I have had the pleasure of meeting beautiful women from all over the world, both in the arab world and out. The women who can match the Moroccan women’s charm and sincerity, compassion, kindness, sexuality, cuteness (for lack of a better word) are few to none. They treat us very nicely and sincerely and we are not used to that. Our girls back home treat us like wallets too!  The only way you cant get anywhere with girls there is if your initial are something like LV, or you have a name like coach. It’s all about the money and shiny gifts, unfortunately.”

A Moroccan woman from London commented, “There is somthing diffrent about Moroccan girls compared to Algerian or Tunisian or even Libyian girls.   THEY HAVE SPECIAL CHARM!    What I mean by that is they know how to talk to men.”

Another comment,“Moroccans are good people. They love people. We didn’t grow up in wars and hate. We have been living in peace as long as we remember. Living in peace make people friendly and loving. Moroccan women and men are both good for marriage. Moroccan women help their husbands and take care of them. I can only marry a Moroccan woman because she will make my life easy and less stressful.”


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18 Responses to “Why Saudi and Kuwaiti Men Are Dating Moroccan Women”

  1. Jana Says:

    I think that we should not generalise this. There are good and bad people everywhere. DO NOT tell me that all women in Middle east are angels because it is not the case. everyone is responsible for his own actions and decisions.

  2. khalfan Says:

    لان المغربية لم تنسى انها انثى بينما غيرها تعيش كامراة وليس انثى

    Rough translation in English: “–Because the Moroccan woman does not forget her femininity, and is more classy than many other women.”

    • Debauchee Says:

      A better way of phrasing it is that Moroccan Women are PERMITTED to have this thing called ‘Femininity’ because it used to be part of French North Africa and thus Europeanized. Middle Eastern women are JUST as feminine as Moroccan women—it is just that they are not permitted to show it. Women’s roles in the MiddleEast are horrid. They can be killed in some countries for wearing lipstick, eye liner and finger nail polish UNDER their burkas. Yet, what is the first thing Saudi, Afganistani, Kuwaiti or other MiddleEastern Men look for when they are out on ‘the prowl’—painted European Women!!!

  3. Jenna Says:

    Well I don’t know why ppl think moroccan women are all that. They are the same everywhere except they cover themselves up. However the newer generation are wearing alot of the same things as in the usa…and some of them look like they jumped off of a 2 story building to fit in their jeans and then put on a head scarf bc as long as the men are looking at their ass and not their hair is ok lol yeah right. They are supposed to be covered up and its supposed to be bad to show anything but if your a bellydancer there its ok to be almost naked so as long as your getting paid for it. They are contradicting themselves. My husband is Morrocan and he came to USA to find his wife …me! Some guys just prefer the white meat lol.!!!

    • Debauchee Says:

      My new Persian Girlfriend (a Nurse’s aid) is hysterically funny in a not so nice way. A couple of weeks ago, I was entertaining a bunch of other Iranian Nurses by demonstrating the proper way to make a Margaretta from scratch. I was sharing the finer points of tequila when she just exploded on me “My-kell, stop pretending you are MEXICAN—you are really Iranian and you are ashamed of your people!!! My JAW DROPPED [I'm actually Portuguese/Danish] with her comment but what was funnier still was the comment of the other Iranian Nurses “Your boyfriend has issues with his heritage—-look at his face, his skin (colour) and his mustache. He’s OBVIOUSLY IRANIAN. Why does he go on and on about Basra? His family probably lives there”. Then they started ‘double teaming me’: There is nothing wrong with being Persian—we are white like the Europeans. You two will have beautiful Persian babies together…” . It’s a hoot now but it wasn’t funny at the time.

    • Nora Says:

      Probably he married you just to be able to stay in USA, arab guys prefer arab girls. Im almost 100% sure that he didn’t married you because of love. Dont be stupid, white meat is disgusting for us!

  4. youssef Says:

    because simply the moroccan girls are beautifuls

    • Debauchee Says:

      THEY ARE CUTE, aren’t they?!!! Last night, I was stuffing dollar bills down this stunning Moroccan BellyDancer’s costume and all I could think of was licking that georgeous navel of hers. Her stage name was Fatima and she was part of a troop of four BellyDancers at ZamZam. There I was with my Arak and my Apple Scented Hooka, sitting on a pile of pillows. “Bring me Fatima, she amuses me!!!” What is it about Muslim Women and Oral Sex? My Persian girlfriend can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch and she does it at the drop of a hat. However, the only (two) times I tried to eat her, she started screaming “IT IS FORBIDDEN. Allah FORBIDS THIS!!!” If there is no prohibition against anal sex for women in the Quran, it also goes for oral sex. Maybe I need to get me one of them Kuwaiti women I have been warned about?!!!

  5. expatandthecity Says:

    When I lived in London as a girl my building was full of Moroccan women. They cooked and cared for me while I was only 18 and attending University in London. To my horror, these lovely ladies were all high class prostitutes and after they gained my trust they tried to introduce me to wealthy Gulf Arabs. The man they introduced me to said that he wanted to marry me and that he had agreed to pay money to the Moroccan ladies for an introduction. Needless to say, I ran the hell away and left my building. I guess they figured I could be made like them and that I must have been poor living so far from my family in America. When in reality I was well off and my Father paid for everything. I ended up traveling to Morocco years later and I found the women to be a mix just like everywhere else. Good and bad. I do think that the Kuwaiti’s enjoy going to Morocco for their holiday. Mainly the men who look for a cheap vacation where they can easily get some action. But just like the USA, there are hookers everywhere.

  6. Jouad Says:

    Dating is not a one sided act. There must be some response from Moroccan man or women as well. This is why Saudis or Kuwatis go and date there. Infact Saudis or Kuwaitis are not the only one. Anyone (men or women) living in Europe, Canda, America, Newzeland, Australia and UK are attracted towards Moroccan men or women and this all happen on purpose. Also Moroccan nation has been bowled out by the influcence of neigbour Europe. Everyone there wants to go out from Morocco and men and women there do anything to acheive this goal. You can see various dating muslim website (, etc etc). You will find thousand of Moroccan man and women online or have profile. This quantity is highest among any open muslim countries. These people online from Morocco fell in love over the internet with anyone is Gulf or Europe. And then they invite them to Morocco to make them crazy with their pre planned marrige trap or in hopes of getting some bucks out of them in a case they are poor or just to rip off any innocent and inexpereinced male. So In my openion, Moroccan women and man are just like a toilet paper to be used by anyone and nothing else.

    • Debauchee Says:

      Its the same hussle with Philipino women or Eastern European/Russian Women. They live in GRINDING poverty in a country with no future. They date an American (or are seeing eating at a resturant with one) and the WHOLE VILLAGE celebrates ‘winning the lottery’.

      Have you ever hit the town with Saudis business men/officers? They are like drunken FRAT BOYS—they’ll dry hump any female who happens to be in the room. It is because of their cultural interpretations. Take the Putstans of Afghanistan. Putstans are forbidden to talk to unmarried woman and they are only seen as house keepers and baby makers. So how do the men obtain sexual release? By screwing little nine year old boys!!! It is a big problem with US Troops in Afghanistan. Although the Quran forbids any kind of Homosexual relationship, Putstans rationalize their pedeophilia in terms of cultural traditions (they aren’t in love with the boys, THEREFORE, their acts aren’t homosexual and forbidden?!!!). It is a big deal to have several boys as your playthings (a status thing). No suprise that the Taliban sees such activity as a violation of the Quran and executes men having boys as lovers. Pres. Karzi has condemned Americans for trying to stop the practice as impinging on the Afgans civil rights!!!

  7. annabanana Says:

    I found this entry particularly interesting in that it praised Moroccan women for being “free” yet simultaneously condemned them for being “loose”. The freedom discussed obviously includes sexual freedom. Is there any other freedom that comes along with it? Why do you think Morocco has developed this reputation? It seems that it is both good and bad and I am confused by the aforementioned “charm”. Does this charm get them what they want/what other people want sexually or in other ways? Perhaps these women (and men) are actually looking for love, just like any other person in the world.

    • Debauchee Says:

      It is human nature to de-humanize those who are different that us/our adversaries. In terms of women, women will demonize third world women as rivals or threats. I once took a georgious Philipino woman into a Bar/resturant and I had all the guys winking at me/high fiving me while you could see the white women muttering things under their breath. I later had a white woman pull me aside and say “Mister, this is a respectable place—you can’t bring a woman like that in here!!!” She wasn’t a Hooker; she was a school teacher but because she was dark skinned PHILIPINO, she was ‘assumed’ to be third world and thus ‘unclean’. We left to go somewhere else—to this day, I regret not making a scene about it!!!

  8. dimadima Says:

    morocco is as like as any country in the world there are bad and good peaple and what i think about moroccan women is that there are two types of women .the first type is the good moroccan women who cant be seen by those who travel from gulf countries for the sexuell desires those ones they refuse to have any kind of relationships with any non moroccan .and the second type of moroccan women are the whores you can find them any where in the country of morocco those women can have sex with all kind of guys but the point is that the saoudi guys travel overseas to meet other women and leave there women to indian who can fullfill the gulf women desires the gulf women are not angels they are just whores you can find in usa with very tight jeans in the streets and clubs and very happy with there new freedom otherwise you find the clubes in europe and usa full of gulf peaple with long hairs the gulf peaple are not respected by the word they are the trush of the peaple and the lowest rank in this world god damn them all

  9. funny eh Says:

    Moroccans arent the ones famous for rapes(mostly European girls) in Europe,for traffickling,drug dealers,law breakers,smugglers and burglaries?
    They are jealous?For what,look at Europe you will find thousands times more often a Moroccan dating or marrying a European woman,than the reversed.In the end Moroccans keep bitching for rich Saudis or old European richmen taking a local girl.Like the Arabs since the beginning of islam,millions of arab men married,dated and had children with European women,but when a arab girl seeks out of her race(something very rare),they act like its the end of the world.Thye keep saying that Europeans are racist,they havent even lived here to see how the things going.Thousands eustern european women get laid or married with arabs,moroccans and others,give me one single example of the opposite.I am not writing now to bitch about exogamy percentages,just shut up and look in the fucking mirror Moroccans,before you make conclusions for others.By the way,Saudis are rich,muslims and arabs what the fuck do you expect?When the average saudi family has 4 boys and one girl,its more than natural for the future men to seek in closed cultures like Morocco for wives.Also Moroccan women are native arabic speakers and more feminine than south arabian women.Saudis and other rich arabs goes for it,simply and plainly,and in the future it will happens more often.

  10. Debauchee Says:

    I am stunned at the overt racism of Persian Women again Arab Women. I made a ‘bad joke’ about anal sex and my Iranian girlfriend said “I don’t do that—go get yourself a Kuwaiti Girlfriend, they live for that sort of thing”.
    So NATURALLY, I made another bad pun and my girlfriend just ‘EXPLODED’ in a one woman tyrade against all muslin women.

    First, she said: “I catch you talking to a Morroccian woman I will leave you—everyone knows they are all whores and golddiggers and they will gladly do all the FORBIDDEN things a proper muslim girl won’t do. And don’t you shame me by going out with an Iraqi woman—they are all filthy beasts and you will catch something from them. I warned you to stay away from Kuwaiti women and you will deeply offend me if I catch you with one. Stay away from Egyptian woman because they are all cut up (female circumcisian) and won’t enjoy sex and your children will all be black. Yemani women are worse than Iraqi women and Lebbonese women are all into animal sex. Syrian Women are all stuck up and act like they are white and French when they are actually filthy Arab women. If you must cheat on me, make it a PERSIAN Woman or an Eastern European Woman—I could live with the Humiliation but not the others.

    I was so stunned with her comments that I spoke to a Persian business aquaintance and his eyes lit up. He said “She’s right, Kuwaiti women are total FREAKS in bed—they were the Sultan’s favorite concubines because they FORBID NOTHING!!! He then CONFIRMED everything my girlfriend said and heaped on more insults.

    As for the Iraqi-Iranian hatred, he said we have Sir Winston Churchill to blame for that because he divided Mesopotamia along tribal lines, with Persians getting the eastern part of the country and the Arab tribes the west. He said Persians have historically looked down on their Arab countrymen so even if Iraq and Iran unite ( a Shiia Califate), they will be at each other’s throats within days because of Iranian/Persian arrogance and racism. I never knew!!!

    • merham Says:

      why all of you enjoy to talk bad about moroccan people? those people are the best people in the world ,god bless theme with a kind and good heart,all of you are jallouse,and all of you have a brain’s probleme there is why you talk bad about people,you think that all of your people in your country are good?you feel that you good ?i will never thinking about that .all the the world love moroccan people.fuk u

  11. Ahmad Says:

    Well, I am a Moroccan native, I lived in the Middle East and all I have to say is that I will not get involved with a woman from the Arabian Gulf because they grew up in a very conservative society and there are so many differences even that we share the same language and religion including being very spoiled and materialistic.
    Therefore, the fact that they are prejudice against Moroccans makes me laugh and very thoughtless…they have nothing to offer, if they do, why all their men fly thousands of miles to marry our beautiful, housewives Moroccan women? Go figure…

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